10 Details Even Hardcore Fans Forgot About the Series (Part 2)

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With so many anime series out there, it’s easy to forget some of the more obscure details about them. But for those who consider themselves ‘hardcore fans’ of the Bleach anime series, this blog is definitely for you! We’ll be taking a look at five final facts about the series that even its biggest followers may have forgotten. So if you want to brush up on your knowledge of Bleach, read on!

6. How Come It’s Called Bleach?

According to lore, the color “white” is what the word “Bleach” refers to, giving off monochromatic connotations in contrast to the Shinigami’s black attire. The most plausible and direct explanation for the name’s origin is this, but there is still room for another.
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Some fans have hypothesized that Bleach is a verb rather than a noun, allowing it to be understood as the release command for Ichigo’s zanpakuto, the only significant one whose terms have not yet been revealed. Another way to say it is: Bleach, Zangetsu!
7. The Impetus Behind Kon
Do you recall Kon, the plush lion from Bleach? Here’s a little tidbit about Bleach that has to do with this person. We all understand that Kon is a modified soul who added laughter and fun to Bleach’s gloomy narrative. When Tite Kubo witnessed a little child disrespectfully discard a toy because his father would not purchase him a new (expensive) stuffed animal, he was motivated to incorporate Kon into the manga. At the same time, we do not now know what Tite Kubo was thinking. In the narrative, Kon is frequently mistreated. Even though it is presented in a somewhat comical manner, it is relevant to how the original toy was treated in real life.
8. Bleach in Music

It’s possible that the Bleach anime wasn’t as well-liked as the manga. One must admit, though, that the music was quite sick. The anime not only featured fantastic music, but it also had an excessive amount of it. One of the facts about Bleach that I find the most humorous is this one. The opening theme music for Bleach number over fifteen. The Neon Genesis Evangelion composer created these theme tunes (Shirou Sagisu).
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The only musical element that is more prevalent than others is theme tunes. Kubo was reminded of these characters by the theme songs that each character had. Popular examples of these theme songs include Idioteque by Radiohead, Wing Stock by Ashley MacIsaac, and News From The Front by Bad Religion (for Ichigo and Rukia, respectively) (for Uryu).
9. Clothes in Bleach
The dress sense throughout the presentation could not have gone missed if you are a die-hard Bleach fan. Each character has a variety of stunning outfits and fashion statements that undoubtedly impress readers and watchers. One thing about Bleach that not many fans are aware of is that this was no accident. When he was in elementary school, Kubo had an interest in fashion. The mangaka dressed his characters in a variety of stylish outfits to show off his love of fashion. He created these outfits himself. In Japan, these fashion statements received widespread acclaim. Even the clothing that Ichigo wore were for sale at Urahara Soten, a store in Tokyo.
10. The evolution of Tite Kubo’s artistic style

Many manga creators have a distinctive artistic voice that enables readers to instantly recognize them. Tite Kubo asserts that he did not previously have a particular art style. Masashi Kud, the illustrator who created the character designs for the Bleach anime, did, however, give him some inspiration. As a result, with the premiere of the anime version of Bleach, Kubo started adopting some of Kud’s mannerisms.
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Slowly, he started to develop new patterns and standards in place of just illustrating whatever. Drawing people with loose hair in front of their ears as opposed to people with hair behind their ears is one excellent illustration of a practice he adopted from Masashi Kud.
We hope you enjoyed reading about the 10 Facts About Bleach Anime Series that even hardcore fans forgot. This series has a long and complex history, and it’s amazing to learn all these little details about its characters, production, and impact. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting started with this classic anime series, we think these facts are worth remembering!
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