10 Details Even Hardcore Fans Forgot About the Series

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It’s impossible to be a fan of the Bleach anime series and not know about its main characters, iconic moments, and amazing storylines. But there’s more to this series than meets the eye, with plenty of hidden details that even die-hard fans may have forgotten about! In this blog post, we’ll take you through 10 facts about the Bleach anime series that you may have overlooked. So strap in and get ready for an exploration of some of the most interesting trivia from this beloved series!

1. The Bankai of Kyouka Suigetsu
When coupled with Aizen’s overwhelming reiatsu, the zankapkuto known as Kyouka Suigetsu is no ordinary weapon. Its unavoidable hypnotic abilities act as both an offensive and defensive weapon during a fight. It’s interesting to note that this is merely his shikai’s power; his unidentified bankai remains a complete mystery.
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However, due to the very nature of Kyouka Suigetsu, there can be no assurance that he actually does have one. Some followers have even asserted that Kanzen Saimin is a component of the bankai, meaning that Aizen has fabricated yet more lies about his true power.

2. Ichigo’s Death Toll

Despite being a good guy and everything, Ichigo hasn’t really murdered many characters during the course of the events since he doesn’t care that he doesn’t shed blood (unlike, for instance, Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender). Regardless, Kugo Ginjou, the previous Substitute Shinigami and adversary of the Fullbringer arc, is the only person he has formally murdered throughout the whole narrative.
Additionally, Ulquiorra Cifer’s Segunda Etapa is virtually destroyed by his Vasto Lorde incarnation, but it is unclear whether this can be included on the list because he has no memory of the incident. Yhwach isn’t taken into account because Kazui Kurosaki really delivers the killing blow ten years later.

3. Nazi allusions in the fourth arc

Everything about the last bad guys, the Wandenreich, who appear to be Quincy, shouts German. However, the Sternritter may be modeled on the German and Weimer Empires of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (and its successor, Hitler’s dictatorship), as opposed to the Ishida family.
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Along with being completely committed to him, just like the Nazis’ love of their Führer, Yhwach’s followers are also probably analogous to the Wehrmacht. To top it all off, Yhwach’s sword has a hilt that is remarkably similar to the Reichsadler, the eagle-based heraldic device that has always been a component of Germany’s official standard.

4. Excessive Filler Episodes

The absurd quantity of fillers that the show’s creators continued churning out to pass the time until the manga’s storyline caught up to the anime was, if anything, what diluted the significant events in Bleach.
163 of the 366 total episodes produced, which cover all that happened before the Thousand Year Blood War arc, are seen as being unconnected arcs that contain all the characters, their backstories, and their mythologies but go too far from the core of the story to be acceptable. Although it’s difficult to forget something this irritating, the anime did cease production in 2012.

5. The intended protagonist was Rukia.

Bleach was originally going to be called Snipe, and the main character would have been Kuchiki Rukia, who would have been wearing her normal robes while brandishing the Grim Reaper’s scythe to identify herself as a Death God.
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More crucially, the enemies were not supposed to be Hollows at all but rather human bad guys with firearms as opposed to reiatsu and magical katanas. Even while this particular interpretation may have been entertaining, Tite Kubo made a wise choice by picking Ichigo instead of Uryuu or Chad.
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